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Experience the Power of Cohort Coaching

Our 12-month cohort coaching program stretches leaders to grow professionally and personally while helping leaders develop the skills necessary to take you and your teams to the next level.

 At Step Up our Cohort Coaches Helps Leaders:

Strengthens personal leadership skills and team effectiveness

Refine listening and speaking skills

Improved emotional intelligence

Enhance strategic thinking and problem solving

Increase employee satisfaction and talent retention

Boost social capital and networks across organizations

Garner greater influence and credibility

Clarity on your personal and professional journey

12 Month Program

12 Group
Coaching Sessions

6 Individual Sessions

$6500 Investment

Small Business Owners

Through his one-on-one coaching program, Dr. Allen can help you with every stage of your entrepreneur life. From preparing for the challenges of entrepreneurship and launching your first business, to growing and operating a profitable small business and navigating a successful business exit.

Managers and Directors

This coaching journey allows new and middle managers to create a customized coaching plan for their specific needs. Working with your coach, and stakeholders you will transform into the leader you want to be and improve your team in the process.

On The Executive Path

This coaching journey focuses on directors wanting to increase influence, and executive presence, manage up & down the organization, and make better decisions. Working with your coach you will create a unique plan to improve situational awareness and team engagement to receive desired results.

customize your cohort coaching experience

Our Value Proposition

We work with the individuals coached and their colleagues to measure success. Both are actively engaged, and benefit from the process. This is a true systems approach to performance improvement and leaderhsip change.


Neither the person being coached nor the coach determines improvement.
The degree of improvement is determined by the assessment of selected stakeholders over the course of the coaching program.

Leaders in our programs have reported:

Greater team effectiveness and productivity

Increased self-awareness and perspective of others

Improved listening and communication skills

Strengthened relationships and Emotional intelligence

Greater self-confidence

We Are With you every step of the way

Our Business Coaches work with leaders to better understand their current experience and empower them to create a different way forward. We help leaders follow through with their goals by offering ongoing support, accountability, encouragement, and guidance.   We do follow a simple, yet powerful coaching framework.

Our cohort coaches focus on helping successful people achieve positive, measurable, long-term change in leadership behaviors. Some of the steps in our unique coaching process are:


    • The person receives 360 feedback from selected stakeholders
    • After receiving 360 feedback, the person selects one or two important leadership behaviors to improve.
    • Develop a follow-up process that provides an opportunity for ongoing dialogue on selected behaviors with selected stakeholders.
    • Conduct progress surveys in the middle and at the end of the coaching engagement.

When the people being coached see the connection between changing behavior, achieving their goals, and living their values, they become very committed to doing what it takes to achieve lasting change.