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Our Beliefs

We believe that when business owners and leaders pursue a purpose greater than profit, their organizations experience deeper connections with their team members, clients, and their communities. 

Beyond goodwill, these purpose-centered relationships lead to long-term financial prosperity and organizational health for practicing businesses and organizations.

Our Why

We teach and coach business owners and leaders how to lead with purpose because we have personally experienced the massive transformation that takes place when businesses and organizations create cultures that elevate their teams, customers, and communities.

A rising tide lifts all ships!


Our How

In our unique coaching process, we work with the individuals we are coaching AND their colleagues. Both are actively engaged, and both benefit from the process. Our unique coaching process is a true systems approach to behavior change and leadership performance improvement.

We only get paid if a positive and measurable change occurs

Neither the person being coached nor the coach determines improvement.  The degree of improvement is determined by the colleagues’ responses to the two mini surveys over the course of the engagement


Our What

We enable entrepreneurs, executives, and leaders at every level to clarify purpose-centered visions for themselves and their organizations.  We then help them go from theory to putting their stated visions and core values into practice, through mentoring, coaching, and ongoing training.

Meet Our Team of Coaches and Facilitators

Instructor Ryan Schlunz

Greg Allen, Ph.D.

Founder of Step Up Consultants

Executive Coaching

Leadership Development

Keynote Speaker

Greg’s LinkedIn Profile


Greg started his career as a Leadership focused trainer and later was the managing director of first point broadband university for First Point Communications in the late 1990s. After he completed his MBA and later his Ph.D., Greg served for 20 years as a Professor of Organizational Leadership at his alma mater at George Fox University in Portland, Oregon.

For over 25 years, Greg has been in the leadership development world and has taught, worked with, and coached hundreds of key leaders and successful individuals.  His gift is coaching and serving others as he is focused on helping each person to develop leadership and management skills to become even more effective. Greg’s coaching style is direct, encouraging, and well-defined around the Stakeholder/Allies focused coaching process that was developed by Marshall Goldsmith.

Greg has taught and coached leaders in Fortune 100, 500, and 1000 companies, as well as those in startups and non-profits. The common denominator for all the individuals with whom Greg has worked is that they are all successful, high-potential leaders whose organizations want to accelerate their development by having them work closely with a seasoned servant leader that is a dynamic, focused, effective facilitator and executive coach.

Education and Certification

Ph.D. in Management from Walden University, a private online university

MBA from George Fox University, a private Christian university

John R. Wooden Certified Leadership Coach

Instructor Ryan Schlunz

Ryan Schlunz

Executive in Residence
CIO & Partner
Profit Recovery Partners

Ryan has over 25 executive leadership and management experience. He has a reputation for building high-performance teams that deliver innovative solutions to solve complex business challenges. Ryan leads technology and business intelligence teams that help the business to run more efficiently and their clients save more money. In prior roles, he has built, led, and managed teams dedicated to Legal Practice & Administrative Support, Information Management, eDiscovery, and Knowledge Management.

Ryan’s LinkedIn Profile

Instructor Ryan Schlunz

Wade Wilson

Sales Leadership Faculty
VP of Business Solutions
Trinamix Inc.

Wade has over 25 years of experience in professional consultative sales working with executives in helping them solve their business challenges.  He has worked as a sales top performer, sales leader, and engagement director managing complex IT projects.  Wade has sold over $250 million dollars worth of IT services and projects over the years which provides him with the ability to mentor and inspire those who are looking to improve their sales or sales leadership skills.

Wade’s LinkedIn Profile

tim bussman

Tim Bussman, MBA, PMP

Operations Management Faculty

Tim is a senior project management professional working on a government environmental services project for Amentum. He has over 15 years of project management, project controls, and risk management experience. He brings over five years of university-level teaching experience in the fields of project management, agile and organizational leadership.

M.B.A. Pepperdine University
M.P.A. Keller School of Management

Tim’s LinkedIn Profile

Gary Barrett

Gary Barrett, MBA

Faculty Member
Leadership Coach

Gary is an innovative teacher and coach who works hard to understand how adults learn (this usually involves asking good questions and being observant in the classroom). I use a combination of instructional methods, utilizing actual industry exercises and modeling; and encouraging critical thinking that transitions students from classroom learning to perform excellence in their daily lives and work. Gary brings over 20 years of university-level teaching experience in the fields of leadership, Ethics, and financial decision-making.

M.B.A. Marylhurst University

Gary’s LinkedIn Profile

“Dr. Allen is an incredible executive coach and very wise counsel for any executive striving to maximize their potential. I’ve worked with Greg for the better part of ten years he is my go-to coach and through our work together I’ve improved my effectiveness as a leader and developed new goals and a plan to take my team to a new level.  Greg is a great listener, asks insightful questions, and as a former high-profile professor and executive himself, he quickly understands situations and can help map out a plan for achieving your goals.  I highly recommend Dr. Allen to anyone seeking an executive coach.”

James Fishback, Esq.
Lawyer & Managing Partner
Mountain View Law LLP

James Fishback Esq.