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Our Unique Coaching Method

Who are the Leadership Allies?  They are a broad range of stakeholders including bosses, coworkers, and employees.  These are the people that work with the person being coached every day and are the direct beneficiaries of the coaching process.  The Allies are the cornerstone of our coaching program.

What is a Leadership Coaching Cohort?  A team of 12 coaching clients that are committed to both personal and cohort team members’ growth. The cohort experience has the potential for expanded thinking from hearing other perspectives and experiences.

Allies Focused Coaching

AFC measures and reports on leadership growth throughout the coaching process

The sponsor only pays if agreed-upon growth objectives are achieved by the client. This coaching model is Client-centric not Coach centric.

Our coaching clients engage a broad range of leadership allies including bosses, coworkers, and employees in the coaching process. the outcome is accelerated growth, heightened awareness, humility, and EQ through immediate identification of leadership behaviors that are most impactful not only for the coaching client but all leadership allies. The process inherently creates a culture of change and trust that did not exist.

Our Coaches partner with clients to develop an aspirational leadership model that is authentic to the individual’s leadership style and personality.  We identify 1 or 2 impactful behavioral shifts aligned to personal and corporate goals for the coaching engagement.

AFC is a highly transferable coaching process that the client learns how to deliver during the leadership growth journey. Our clients often graduate as coaches.  Paying it forward is the greatest compliment we receive.

Traditional Executive Coaching

Does not measure or report on outcomes (were the objectives achieved?)

Coaching is billed based on time spent with the client or on the exercises completed, not on outcomes achieved.

Traditional coaching is focused on the 1:1 relationship between the client and coach who meet at a set frequency and generally does not reach beyond this from a coaching perspective

Often traditional coaching is focused more on the “moment” or “how can we best make use of this time today” without necessarily driving to a defined outcome and hence ROI.

Most traditional coaches do not leave any process for the client to share or repeat, it is based more on an inquiry process.