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Just beginning in your management and leadership journey? Or, need a reboot?

You’re who we built the Leadership Foundations class for.

Lighter than our full training, but still packing a punch, Leadership Foundations will help you:


Learn the foundational mindsets and principles of leadership so make them your own


Build measurable personal leadership goals to make consistent progress on with short-term opportunities and long-term relationships


Hack your own habits to integrate new leadership skills into your normal work routines, even when you're busy

Leadership Foundations works for both individuals and entire organizations.

Many of our clients deploy it with large groups as the perfect precursor to the full Leading and Managing Teams course.

Others use it as a refresher months or years later.

The reason?

Leadership Foundations boils everything down to two key habits.

A system.

Getting great at leading teams comes down to a few things: a personal growth mindset and a focus on building others.

That’s exactly what Leadership Foundations will teach you.

Introducing: Leadership Foundations

Leadership Foundations is made of four modules.

Here’s what you’ll leave with:

Building The Foundation will teach you the science and skills of leading people, the four leadership quadrants you need to succeed, how to adapt to styles different than your own and you'll start by taking a DiSC® self-assessment to identify where to focus your efforts.

Improve self-awareness and awareness of others, in order to be a more effective leader in the workplace and contribute to a positive workplace culture

In-depth understanding of your own behavioral style and motivations, how to relate to those with different styles, and how you can use that information to build productive relationships.

Leading Yourself will teach you how to hack your own habits so you can shift and connect using a different leadership style

The Conclusion wraps the entire course up in a bow, teaching you the common missteps to avoid and how using the four quadrant approach you can become a more effective leader.

Part of progress is having a vision of the future.

Doing the work you want so you can thrive at work.

Thriving at work so you can build the career you want.

Building the career you want so you can live the life you want.

You’re an expert in something. You’ve spent years honing your craft. You’re really good.

But here’s the thing.

To get promoted to the executive suite you have to lead a number of people and teams in a certain way.

Know you.

People Like you.

Technical skills are important. They’re the portal to do meaningful work.

But they’re not enough.

You have to pair technical skills with leadership skills.

This course will teach you the right leadership skills you need to succeed. The right habits. The growth system.


The first step is to take action: to enroll yourself right now in the Leadership Foundations class.

But enrolling isn’t enough.

You’re going to commit to acting on the material and be on your way to becoming an expert in leading a high-impact team.

I know you will.

I’m looking forward to seeing you on the inside.

You’re going to commit to acting on the material and becoming an expert in leading amazing teams.

I know you will.

I’m looking forward to seeing you on the inside.

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