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Coaching clients turn to us for help in transforming their leaders to build stronger teams, better communication, and a thriving company culture. Step Up’s expert coaches work one-on-one with executives to produce tangible shifts in their beliefs and behavior over time, using a customized approach that best suits your unique strengths, challenges, goals, and individual learning style.

We believe that executive coaching should benefit both the executive and the company, and we collaborate with our clients to deliver real results with realistic measurable stretch goals. Our clients report greater effectiveness and productivity, increased emotional intelligence and perspective, improved listening and communication skills, stronger relationships, greater confidence, and more effective leadership.

Senior Leaders


In today’s business climate, senior leaders are expected to be constantly evolving, adding new leadership competencies, polishing their communication skills, and keeping current on the latest tools for effectively leading their teams. Our expert coaches help executives evaluate their strengths and set goals for improvement, devise an action plan, and develop new interpersonal skills to manage and motivate their teams.

Fill Critical Skill Gaps


Sometimes, senior executives stall in their development. These executives are often longtime, valued members of your core team who have proven they’re invested in the company’s success but just need a little help filling in a gap or two in their skillset. Our coaches quickly identify the executive’s specific needs and then help them draft a skill-building blueprint to gain improved competency this specific area, as well as maximize their overall productivity and efficiency.

Discover the many benefits of our Coaching Methods

Improve communication style

Gain powerful team building tools

Sharpen strategic thinking skills

Improve communication style

Navigate a transition to a new role

Better manage priorities

Personalized Approach

Your personal coach will tailor the coaching experience to fit your individual needs.

Positive Accountability

Be held to task by a trusted and respected coach whose sole aim is to inspire your best.

Leadership Mindset

Together we customize and implement a coaching process aimed at your individual needs and organizational objectives.

Measurable Results

We establish a baseline and help monitor personal growth so you know the power of your investment.

Our Executive Coaching Philosophy

Our coaches focus on improving the human side of leadership and developing the communication and interpersonal skills that make great leaders. By guiding our clients into greater awareness of their habits, we help transform their actions to create unprecedented impact and reveal new levels of leadership. Our coaching clients become proactive and adept at owning their results. Our approach produces a profound lasting impact for both the executive and the organization as a whole.

Dynamic and Experienced Coaches

Our coaches are trained and operate at the highest level, and they hold thousands of hours of experience working with executives across a wide variety of industries. Each coach has been selected for their dynamic personality and unique background, ensuring richer coaching and more diverse insights.


Real Results

At the beginning of each coaching engagement, we establish goals and milestones with both the executive and their supervisor to ensure alignment with company goals. We monitor individual growth and progress towards these goals and measure the results in terms of their business impact. Our clients report deep learning, increased productivity, greater efficacy, and more effective leadership.


Convenience and Flexibility

We offer in-person and virtual support structures to help executives learn, track their progress, and reach their goals faster. Our team includes coaches that will travel to major cities across the United States to make executive coaching as convenient as possible. Although it is beneficial if the coach and executive meet in person at the beginning of the engagement, we also frequently conduct virtual coaching sessions.


The Step Up Way

We offer tailored coaching packages; outstanding, personable coaches; and unequaled levels of service.  We value transparency as our coaches encourage clients to share real-time progress updates with key company stakeholders throughout the coaching engagement so that our clients and companies can stay current on the executive’s development.

What Does Our Coaching Process Look Like


First things first: we set up an initial conversation to help determine the appropriate program for the executive, as well as set up interviews with the three coaches that are the best fit for your needs and goals. In this stage, we are looking to match the executive’s style with that of the coach to create a coaching relationship that delivers maximum results.


At the start of each engagement, the coach, the executive, and their supervisor meet to determine the goals of the coaching. Because all of our executive coaching programs are results-driven, it’s critical to set appropriate goals and ensure that the executive, the supervisor, and the company can all realize the benefits of the coaching.


When an executive enrolls in a program with the intent to change, measuring the ability and skill level at the outset is a critical first step in setting goals and building a plan to reach them. The coach will select from an array of assessments to select the tools best suited to help the executive gain insight into their unique style and potential areas for growth.

Work the Plan

With feedback from colleagues and a personalized development plan in place, the executive and the coach work through the strategy. They meet regularly to discuss challenges, best practices, and successes, with the coach helping the executive identify and understand their patterns, as well as focus on opportunities for improvement. At the midpoint of the partnership, we once again assess the executive’s progress through a meeting with their supervisor and course-correct, if needed. At the conclusion of the engagement, the executive, supervisor, and coach review the progress and identify any next steps necessary to continue the executive’s growth to ensure a long-term shift in behavior.

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