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As a business owner, you are likely being pulled in a million directions

As an entrepreneur starts to grow their business, it can be challenging to be faced with so many decisions and the need to be the “expert” in a host of disciplines. There are times when what you need is an unbiased sounding board, someone with years of business experience who can offer another perspective, help you think through the pros and cons of your ideas, and push back in a way that your employees likely won’t.

When a business is in its infancy, you must wear many hats – that’s how a successful small business grows profitably.  But as you grow, it is time to look at who you need to add for growth to continue.  Do you know where you are spending your time now?  What are you doing that aligns with your strengths and preferences?  What are you doing that is not in your areas of strength and so it drains your energy?

In his role as Entrepreneur Coach, Greg brings a wealth of experience in various leadership roles and his own experience as a small business owner. This depth and breadth of experience, combined with his Ph.D. in management and expertise as a professor of organizational leadership for more than 20 years, positions Greg uniquely to be your trusted advisor and partner.