Small Business Coach

Together we will create a plan to sustainably and strategically ramp up your small business to achieve your long-term personal and business goals.

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Small Business Ramp Up

Together we will work to sustainably grow small businesses through strategic planning, developing a scalable business model, setting and measuring key performance indicators, and coaching check-ins.

Value Add

Structure of Business Accelerator

The Growth Accelerator works to sustainably grow small businesses through business and strategic planning, developing scalable business processes, setting and measuring key performance indicators, and engaging with your customers on a different level.

Together we will take your desire to scale your business beyond your own time and energy and infuse it into a business model that will give you a sustainable, predictable, and profitable business.

Situational Assessment

Together, we will assess exactly where your business is currently, and determine the most high-impact action plan for you that will allow you to gain momentum and get meaningful, mind-blowing results.

Vision Roadmap and Action Plan

It is time to make your desired outcomes inevitable. At the outset of our coaching partnership, you will get your hands dirty with extensive business and strategic planning sessions on the results you want to achieve with the tools, processes, and systems to get you there.

Aligning Key Business Process

Balanced Scorecard is a proven framework for identifying your 3-year outcomes, strategies, and projects that will allow to you create tremendous focus and momentum in your business (making big results inevitable).

Process Improvement: We will define, measure, analyze and improve a business process with an eye toward customer value, business flow, data analysis, and reporting

Project Management Plan: We will work with the project team to develop a detailed project plan that includes key deliverables, time-driven objectives, measures of success, and a detailed project timeline.

Key Performance Indicators: Together we will achieve the targets set for your team, measure the milestones to gauge progress, and analyze data the brings insights to help your business make better decisions.

Business Coaching Check-ins

After we are finished working with you on the vision roadmap, action plan, key business processes, and creating both the balanced scorecard and improvement plans.  Our coaches will follow up with a site visit at least four times a year and often we drop by more often than that, as our business coaches get invested in the people we help and all of us want to see you and your business succeed.

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1017 Molalla Ave, Suite 5, Oregon City, Oregon 97045
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