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Designed to help managers become more effective in directing teams, this class dives into the hard skills of managing yourself, managing teams, and motivating others to accomplish your company’s goals.

You will gain a deeper understanding of management skills and practices, the role of the manager, and the nature of influence. You will begin to evolve a management style that is uniquely yours. You will return to work with newfound confidence and a weekly action plan for continuing your growth as a manager.



This workshop focuses on the entire sales plan, from growing your management skills to creating compensation plans that incent desired behavior. Our program is taught in an active learning environment allowing for roleplaying, coaching, team exercises, Q&A, and networking.

Additionally, all of the skills taught are applied to your organization, so that you leave with a toolkit to assist you in the implementation of new processes and procedures


When team members truly enjoy their teammates and work, their commitment to the company improves, employee attrition decreased, and productivity increases. This creates an upward spiral of positivity where employees are happier because they feel valued and respected. This translates into increased productivity and corporate profitability.

This workshop provides leaders with the tools to increase their teams’ productivity by improving team members’ engagement.

Engage Deeply in our Experiential Learning Workshops


Our live workshops are intentionally designed in learning bursts and delivered through a practitioner-focused guided learning journey to develop the most critical leadership, management, and sales capabilities.

Learners experience enjoyable and active learning workshops designed to meet their individual needs, learning styles, and fit into your busy schedules.

Jon Washburn

Stoel Rives LLP

We had Dr. Allen come in-house last year to teach process improvement and project management workshops, geared primarily toward IT personnel. We focused on one of our daily administrative processes as the primary example and picked it apart to see how we could do it more efficiently and at a lower cost nationwide. We’ve already adopted many of the recommendations we found during the analysis sessions, and are planning to adopt more in the near future.

Greg was engaging and very helpful, often staying late to answer questions. Following these classes, we actually opened and filled a Project Manager role. Having these classes helped us see the value in that function, I’d recommend reaching out to Greg if your organization is looking to embark on any professional development projects.