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Front Line Leadership

This course delivers a completely reimagined leadership experience designed to transform front line managers into the leader’s every team and organization needs.


Participant Takeaways

 Leadership Assessment, Skills and Development Plan

Emotional Intelligence, Communicating and Motivating

Situational and Servant Leadership in Action

Developing Your Leadership Why

Leading High Impact Teams

This course will benefit managers from the frontline to the C-Suite who are charged with creating value for the organization and are responsible for leading and managing teams.


Participant Takeaways

Group Development, Team Dynamics, and Engagement

Listening, Delegating, and Team Building

 Stages of Trust and Personal Accountability

Creating a Culture of Excellence

Agile Operations Management

This course will provide you with insights into practical elements of project management, scum, agile, and six sigma process improvement efforts. You will get the tools needed to lead, develop, and sustain change management initiatives.


Participant Takeaways

Project Management

Six Sigma

Agile and Scrum

Service Minded Culture

Strategic Planning and Leadership

The Strategic Leadership course is ideal for executives, senior managers, and mid-career professionals seeking to broaden their business perspectives on the path to the C Suite.


Participant Takeaways

Blue Ocean Strategies

External and Internal Assessments

Strategy Selection Process and Balanced Scorecard

Change Management and Implementation

An overview the of courses we deliver

The academy offers four 10 week management and leadership courses that are intentionally designed in learning bursts and delivered through a practitioner-focused guided learning journey to develop the most critical leadership and management capabilities.

Learners experience a unique active learning method designed to meet the needs and learning styles of working adults. Each course relies heavily on case studies, discussions, simulations, and collaborative learning, drawing from learners’ personal, professional and technical backgrounds to achieve a broader understanding of the course concepts.

We promise that each of our learners will be known. This means that our faculty connects with each learner personally in authentic ways. Our students not only learn new ideas, but they also share their own.

 We see it all the time, when people in our classes experience what it’s like to be known in this way, they become inspired and that’s when real change happens.


The Methods of Delivery


In-Person:  Includes reading and asynchronous discussions on our learning management system in preparation for the weekly three-hour faculty-led learning sessions delivered live in a conference room.   

Online:  Includes reading, discussions, and multiple asynchronous learning lab activities on our learning management system in preparation for the weekly 60 minute faculty-led synchronous learning session via Zoom or MS Teams.

Asynchronous learning includes reading, video streams, case studies, collaborative discussions, and learning lab projects. 

Synchronous learning includes collaborative group discussions, case studies, simulations, student and faculty-led presentations.

CPD Continuing Education Credits 

Step Up Academy is in the accreditation process through The CPD Standard Office based in London, England.  When CE credit is granted for each course we will update this page and our clients.

Full Accreditation is expected by March 2022

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The Learners Journey

Whatever your technical skill level, our team of faculty will guide you into a learning environment that is unlike anything you have experienced before.

Gone are the days of posting tedious answers to predictable questions and wondering whether anyone else is even taking the course.  Come find yourself entering fully into a remarkable fun, lively, content-rich environment where you can engage with your peers in a variety of mediums, sharing life experiences and future goals.

Once a person is enrolled in a class they join a learning community that will journey together in a blended learning environment that includes both online and live learning components.   We find that many of our students form life-long friendships with others in their cohort learning community.

Multiple courses are launched every four months with a maximum of 30 learners per course. Each of our classes is offered at least three times a year and typically starts in January, Mid March, and September.  By request, we are able to start full cohorts prior to the established kick-off dates.

Experiential Learning

We use Kolb’s experiential model of learning as it focuses on the adult learner’s life experiences and provides great learning opportunities in the forms of large and small group discussions, simulations, and collaborative learning. Our learners draw from their personal, professional, and technical backgrounds to achieve a broader understanding of leadership and management topics.

Experiential learning is very powerful for adult learners because they have the life experience and cognitive ability to reflect, develop new ideas, and take positive action. It also provides adults with the life experience they need to place their new skills into practice and how to implement their skills.


Experiential Learning

Kolb’s Experiential
Learning Cycle

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