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Our Service First Approach

We teach and coach leaders at every level how to adopt higher-purpose mindsets and develop high-performance cultures for your team, organizations, or small businesses.

We believe that when business owners and leaders pursue purpose greater than profit, their organizations experience deeper connections with their team members, clients, and their communities.

Beyond goodwill, these purpose-centered relationships lead to long-term financial prosperity and organizational health for practicing businesses and organizations.


A rising tide lifts all ships!

Step Up Consultants

Purpose-Driven Leadership Coaching

Six Month Program

12 Coaching Sessions

Data Informed
Guaranteed Process

$2500 Investment

Our unique value proposition


We only get paid if a positive, measurable change occurs.


We enable executives and leaders at every level to clarify purpose-centered visions for themselves and their organizations.  We then help them go from theory to putting their stated goals and core values into practice, through individualized coaching and ongoing support.

our unique coaching process, we work with the individuals we are coaching AND stakeholders (we call them Leadership Allies). Both are actively engaged, and both benefit from the process. Our unique coaching process is a true systems approach to behavior change and performance improvement.

Neither the person being coached nor the coach determines improvement.
The leadership allies determine the degree of improvement from the initial 360 assessment to the two mini surveys throughout the engagement

leadership coaching

A Client’s Story of Leadership Growth – why we coach

When I first started this program, I had an open mind to learning about myself and understanding ways to improve. Thank you to everyone at my company who provided me with this opportunity and to Greg’s coaching. I found the overall experience exceeded my expectations and was very rewarding in many ways. I am committed to continuing with this program’s concepts and values because I believe in it, and I have seen positive results for me and my team. I am committed to being more collaborative and soliciting feedback from my peers, direct reports, and manager to constantly adjust where appropriate to improve upon my leadership.

The initial 360 evaluation provided feedback on areas to improve and areas where I excelled as a leader. Through the feedback and with Greg’s guidance I identified two goals to focus on and developed an action plan. I identified six stakeholders who helped keep me accountable for working on these goals and offered me real-time feedback (positive or areas to improve) in reaching them in conjunction with my regular coaching sessions

Greg provided me with daily checklists to keep me focused on my goals. In changing behavior and developing my personal leadership style, I found this routine to be very helpful. Using the daily sheet provided constant check-ins. I followed that by challenging myself by asking the question “what did I do today to improve,” then I followed up with my stakeholders for feedback asking, “is there something else I should have done differently”. Greg was available when needed and on short notice, to help review specific situations and analyze how I performed or ways to improve throughout the last six months. He offered strong guidance in tough situations and provided honest feedback.

At the end of the six months, Greg performed a blind mini survey with all the stakeholders to determine how they felt my commitment was progressing in development around my goals. I was pleased to see they all found some level of improvement with many of them indicating they found a large level of change.

My improvement occurred not only because of my commitment to the coaching process but the support of my manager, my stakeholders, and Greg’s mentorship. I quickly recognized that having the feedback was the best thing that could have happened as it allowed me to focus on what I needed to do to become a better leader. I am very grateful for my organization’s financial support, and I hope through the development of my goals I have shown senior management a return on their investment. I believe this coaching program may be something the firm should look at on a broader front.  Going forward I will continue to use the new methods and tools I have acquired in my personal interactions, more specifically continue to sharpen my leadership skills.

Excerpt from an After Action Review from a recent client, used with permission.

colette Young

Colette Young

Vice President of Branch Management
OnPoint Community Credit Union

Greg is my trusted go-to leadership coach and was my university professor. His genuine and open-minded approach made me feel like I was not only getting sound advice and leadership but also personalized coaching.

Anyone that has the opportunity to work with Dr. Allen knows that they are his priority.  I look forward to working with Greg in the near future.

A team approach to leadership coaching

12 Month Cohort Program

12 Cohort Sessions

12 Personalized Sessions

Data Informed
Guaranteed Process

$4500 Investment

Leadership development is an important pursuit for all organizations hoping to stand the test of time.  Succession planning and developing the next generations of leaders helps define an organization’s culture and can make it an employer of choice.  However, most organizations struggle with finding an effective approach to leadership development.  There are three main inhibitors to getting organizations to invest more heavily in leadership development.

Time:  How can an organization take its best and brightest away from the business to go to training?  The time required to run an effective leadership development program comes at a major cost to productivity.

Money:  Leadership development programs are expensive.  Whether an organization builds an internal team to design and deliver programs or outsources this work, it is still quite expensive.

Hard to measure the ROI:  While there are several qualitative measures of leadership development programs it is quite difficult to prove a true ROI on programs.

We have created a leaders cohort coaching program that builds leadership and management capabilities while efficiently addressing the time, money, and ROI constraints.

The cohort program uses a unique blend of coaching, teaching, virtual team exercises, effectiveness assessments, and action learning techniques to coach participants to collaborate effectively and to develop a greater appreciation for the power of thought diversity in teams. Participants develop the EQ skills required to be situational leaders who effectively leverage their personal strengths in a variety of challenging business situations.

Leadership Coaching Cohort
Leadership Workshops

Leadership Workshops

Focused on Retaining Your Talented Teammates

Effective leaders are required to build cohesion among colleagues working together from different locations, fending off burnout, being intentional about inclusion, and strengthening shared culture.

Our workshops are designed to equip leaders with team growth skills we focus on building self-awareness, emotional intelligence, servant leadership, listening skills, teamwork, and situational leadership.

Here’s How To Get Started With A Caoch

Book A Free Coaching Session

It’s free, with no further obligation.  Meet and get to know our founder and business coach Dr. Greg Allen. Then you can decide if he can help you grow personally and professionally to achieve your business goals.

Match with a Leadership Coach

During the free coaching call, you will get to know Dr. Allen to see if there is a good match between your needs and his background, personality, and skills. When you’re done just let us know if you want to work with Greg or you can schedule an interview with coach Barrett.

Begin Your Coaching Program

After a free onboarding orientation you will begin meeting twice a month with your dedicated coach to get the guidance, accountability, and the encouragement you need to stay on track to fully realize your leadership potential.