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Academy workshops focus on developing the critical skills leaders need to engage and retain talented people.

A major shift is underway right now, fundamentally altering when, where, and how work occurs.

Effective hybrid leaders are required to build cohesion among colleagues working together from different locations, fending off burnout, being intentional about inclusion, and strengthening shared culture.

Our approach to equipping those leading in a hybrid workplace puts people first and focuses on building self-awareness, emotional intelligence, conversational listening skills, and psychological safety. We focus on developing team leadership and management skills to create strong work alliances, powerful cross-team networks, and intentional cultures where individuals and teams can thrive — regardless of where the work happens.

Wade Wilson
Vice President of Business Solutions

I was under the tutelage of Professor Greg Allen to learn leadership techniques and get a grounding knowledge of how to motivate, manage, and understand those that I lead.  Greg’s classes were the best that I have experienced.  He combines instructional and academics with actual applicable real-world experiences.  These are learned within a group setting and what is interesting is the fact that you get the same kind of people in your business life as you do in the course group learning.
I was able to apply the lessons that I learned within Professor Allen’s courses to include situational leadership, using different management styles for different people, and the ability to view challenges within the workplace (especially around employee engagement).  This helped me to build a non-emotional strategy that allowed me to understand their motivations and get them back engaging at work with better morale and focus.
Greg’s teaching style allows you to understand things in real-life situations that come up and how to work through them.  You can immediately apply what you learn to your current work and even life situations.  I would highly encourage you to bring your leaders within your organization to his classes and you will see immediate results as I have in my career.

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Everyone can improve their leadership and management skills

Our founder, Dr. Greg Allen started out as a middle school teacher went on to become a Windows Server Administrator, then he was tapped to develop a network operations training center for a large broadband provider in the 1990s – which is a long way from being a leadership expert.

His learning journey didn’t end when the broadband bubble burst, Greg went back to university to earn his MBA and Ph.D. and was a Professor of Organizational Leadership at George Fox University in Portland, Oregon for 20 years.  Because of Greg’s unique leadership journey, all of the classes that Team Leaders Academy offers are focused on applying the new concepts in the classroom as a laboratory so our students can apply the new skills at work the next day.

Dr. Allen and our faculty believe in the profound change that professional development creates.  We don’t believe being a great leader or manager has anything to do with being “born with it.”  Like any skill, leadership and management can be learned.

Brands our Graduates have already helped

Colette Young
Vice President of Branch Management
OnPoint Community Credit Union

Dr. Allen is my trusted go-to leadership coach and was my university professor. His genuine and open-minded approach in the classroom made me feel like I was not only getting sound advice and leadership but also personalized.

I know that many of the other students in our cohort felt the same way. Anyone that has the opportunity to work with Greg knows that they are his priority.

I look forward to working with Greg in the future to further my professional development.

The Benefits of Our Workshops are Substantial

double engagement

Participants and their supervising managers have provided outstanding reviews of the workshops and how it’s improved engagement in their organizations.

Hybrid Team Leaders Focus

Strengthen team culture and build communication skills to help managers leading geographically dispersed teams in today’s new hybrid workplace reality.

decrease Attrition

All workshops focus on taking an intentional approach to develop the engagement of hybrid team members, especially given how important connection is to retention.


The faculty is a combination of executives and university professors from renowned business schools and are experts in their fields. 

Applied Learning

Our workshops are experiential learning labs made for active experimentation, shared experiences, and skills that can be used the next day.


Workshop tuition is significantly less expensive than a single undergraduate class – allowing leaders throughout your organization access to world-class leadership development.

Leading a Hybrid Team Requires Putting People First

Leadership is a human-centered social process. It’s about people interacting. It’s dynamic, and it’s often emotional.

Managing a team can be challenging in any circumstance. Managing and leading in our new, more complex, and dynamic hybrid workplace environment raises the difficulty level…as well as the stress.

Our faculty has over 50 years of teaching experience at the university level, we have taught over 10,000 busy professionals from 1000’s organizations.

hybrid learning

Greg is a great instructor! He knows the material very well and makes the class valuable for everyone, which is no small task for classes given the diverse background of the students.

Greg was very approachable from the start and created an environment where everyone was encouraged to share their experience and knowledge. His instruction and assistance didn’t end after the class was over. He was always available via email, and on several occasions advised me regarding the additional courses I needed to take to achieve my goals.

I hope to engage with Greg again and recommend him as an instructor to anyone who has the opportunity.

Tim Anderson, PMP, CMS
Scrum Master
Daimler Trucks North America