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Business Coaching

Start your business on the right track, from refining your entrepreneurial idea to stabilizing your business for growth

Strategic Planning

A unique approach that includes goal alignment, accountability, measurement, and a clear process to execute the plan.


A dynamic knowledge-sharing community designed specifically for business owners and executives.

business and life coaching

Our Small Business Design Coaching program guides you through every step of the startup process, from creating a solid business plan to ensuring financial readiness for launch. With personalized one-on-one support from our business coaches, you’ll be ready to tackle challenges that come your way.

We’ll help you create an attractive business concept that sets you apart from the competition. You’ll build a strong organizational structure that ensures smooth operations and maximizes efficiency. Our program also emphasizes developing lasting customer relationships that keep your customers coming back for more. Finally, we’ll work with you to ensure profitable business operations that keep your bottom line strong.

strategic Action Plans

Our inclusive strategic planning system teaches you to create a shared vision that motivates your team toward a common goal. We help you set stretch goals, design a world-class strategic plan, and eliminate organizational bloat to scale your business.

Our approach involves setting clear deadlines, generating quick wins, and measuring the right leading and trailing indicators to triple your success.

We understand that a strategic plan is a hypothesis, not a fact, we evaluate what’s working and not working, then use those insights to adjust your strategy.

Mastermind Groups our Knowledge Sharing Communities






Join our exclusive Mastermind community designed for business owners and executives. This carefully curated group brings together five to eight like-minded individuals who are committed to achieving maximum personal and professional growth.

By getting the perspective and wisdom of others in a peer-to-peer setting, our mastermind group helps each member to expand their thinking, move beyond their own personal world experience, and move towards achieving their own ambitions more quickly and easily than any of us can on our own.

To learn more about joining our focused Mastermind Group today and experience the benefits of a supportive community and expert resources.

What our Clients are Saying about us

“Greg is an incredible coach and very wise counsel for any business owner to maximize their potential. I’ve worked with Greg for the better part of ten years he is my go-to business coach and through our work together I’ve improved my effectiveness as a leader and developed new goals and a strategic plan to take my law firm to the next level.  Greg is a great listener, asks insightful questions, and as a former high-profile professor and business owner himself, he quickly understands situations and can help map out a plan for achieving your goals.  I highly recommend Dr. Allen to anyone seeking a business coach.”

James Fishback
Managing Partner & Lawyer
Mountain View Law LLP

James Fishback Esq.

Executive Business Coach

Greg Allen

Greg Allen, PhD

Step Up Consultants offers customized solutions to help you grow your business and achieve your goals. Our founder, Dr. Greg Allen is a seasoned business coach and professor with over 25 years of experience. Greg is an entrepreneur at heart as he has started, grown, and sold three small businesses.

With a strategic and encouraging coaching style, I have consulted with managing partners and small business owners in all phases from startup to strategic growth to exit planning. I take a personalized approach to each project, recognizing that every business is unique. I focus on your specific goals and measure success by your teams’ achievements. Our coaches are servant leaders committed to helping you meet and exceed your goals.

Whether you are a small business owner or a managing partner, Step Up Consultants will provide you with the customized strategic solutions you need to take your business to the next level.